Springtime is here again and what better way to celebrate the sunshine then planting some easy to grow greens?

Growing your own food can seem a little daunting if you have never tried to get your fingers green, but baby steps all the way. Start with easy things to grow like salad leaves. These don’t need much room, you can even grow them on a sunny windowsill.

The results are so rewarding and you will eat your dinner with a smile on your face because you know you grew part of your meal.
tomato growing

At my pop up restaurant at Trove  in Levenshulme I gave my guests these little bundles of “pre prepared food” ( Spinach seeds!) all they had to do was add soil, sunlight, water and time.
grow your greens

Grow your Food

Easy to grow eats include:

Spinach – This is such a versatile leaf and can be grown all year round. I love growing spinach because you can use it in salads and cook with it.

Rocket – This spicy leaf will add a great dimension to any salad, I love making rocket pesto too.

Lettuce Leaves – These seem to be so hardy in my yard that I can’t seem to kill it off, with clever planting you can enjoy these all year round (unless the slugs have them first!)

Sunflowers – these are fun to grow, especially if you include a little competition into the mix. You can then harvest the seeds once they are fully grown, these can be dried and eaten as a snack or added to salads for an extra crunch

Want to grow edible flowers? See my post all about it here!

Grow your greens

Don’t be afraid of giving growing vegetables a go, remember nature is designed to grow. Practice (and mistakes!) makes perfect and you never know, you could end up a an accidental gardener like me.

Trove Pop Up – How to Sow your Seeds

If you got a handful of seeds from my Trove pop up, you got SPINACH LEAVES! Here are a few simple steps to getting them from seed to edible.

  • Fill a flower pot (or any vessel that will hold soil. I also use old large tin cans) with compost soil.
  • Sprinkle with seeds and cover with soil.
  • Water
  • Leave and let them do their thing!

For a more indepth description on how to grow your seeds please follow the links below:

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