Edible Flowers are always such a great way to make your plate look that little more beautiful and delicious, if you came along to my pop up restaurant Feel Good Food at North Star Deli then you will be lucky enough to have your very own edible flowers to grow!

Anyone can grow edible flowers, even if you don’t have a garden you can grown many flowers on a sunny windowsill if you plan properly. Alternatively there are lots of places online where you can order a vast array of edible delights that will brighten up any plate.

I love Greens of Devon for my summer edible flowers (you can order from the beginning of March) and they have a great guide to edible flowers which you can see here, they will also send you a poster of edible flowers when you order with them.

Feel Good Food Flowers

If you came to my pop up restaurant at North Star Deli then you will hopefully be looking at this to give you some inspiration and ideas for what to do with the seeds you received. Below is a quick guide to the flowers you received.

Viola Tricolour

This beautiful flower is best sown between March and May and will flower between April and September. The trio of colours on the petals will look fabulous on salads, desserts or even pizza! Pick the flowers regularly to promote growth.

I served these with my starter which was a roasted beetroot, blood orange and fennel salad with ewe’s cheese. Beautiful.

Flowers - Viola Tricolour

Read more about it here
Buy the seeds here


The native primrose is one of the first flowers to appear in Spring, flowering between March and May, so get planting and pick the heads to sprinkle over your dinner to make it beautiful.

Did you know you can also eat the leaves in salads? Go on, try it!

Primrose - Edible Flowers

Read more about the primrose flower here
Buy the seeds here


These beautiful blue flower feel like distant memory of countryside walks for me, butterflies and bees love them and they look fabulous too.

Sow March to May for flowers in July to September or sow in  September to October to get flowers earlier in May РJuly

Cornflower - Edible Flower

Read more about cornflower here
Buy the seeds here

Micro Herbs

For my supper club I used some more exotic edible beauties. These I sourced from a great company called Koppertcress. You should check out their website for weird and wonderful produce!

Szechuan button

This is such a fun treat, these flowers are more commonly known as Electric Daisies as they give people an effervescent zing when eating them, a wonderful sour flavour paired with a pleasant tingling sensation.

I made a rhubarb and lemon spritzer using these and let me guests get a Willy Wonker’esq surprise!

Button - edible Flower

Picture courtesy of Koppertcress

Read more about them here
Buy them here

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