Canapes are perfect for all types of parties and gatherings. They are easy to serve and are a real crowd pleaser. But what to think about when deciding on which canapes for your event?


Event Catering Canape Guide

Think bold flavours! With canapes, they may only be a mouthful, but you want the mouthful to pack a punch. They also want to be easy to eat, especially if you remember that your guests will be holding a drink in the other hand.

For a pre meal canape reception I recommend picking three canape flavours, usually two meat and one vegetarian, as well as a mix of hot and cold. For an event where it is solely canapes I would suggest to pick four flavours, not forgetting the sweet flavour!

Pre Meal Canapes

I would always recommend pre meal canapes if you are having a long day celebration (such as a wedding). People often arrive having not eaten a full meal beforehand and there can be a long gap between the start of the day and the main meal. Plus you don’t want people to drink too much! For this I would recommend three to five canapes per person.

Drinks Party

f you are having a event or drinks party of around three hours and solely having canapes instead of a sit down meal, I would recommend ten to twelve canapes per person. But don’t forget you don’t have to have twelve canape flavours, I would recommend having three to four flavours and then each guest can have multiple of each flavour


You always want a variety of colours, flavours and textures when creating a canape menu, think VARIETY!

Tartlets these are great because you can pack them with flavour and they are all encased in their own “plate”

Canape Tart Selection

Vegetarian Canapes
Don’t forget the vegetarian canapes! Even if you don’t know if there will be any vegetarians coming to your event, it is always good to have a vegetarian option, and the meat eaters can enjoy them too!

vegetarian canape

Sweet Canapes
If you are having a canape reception without a  main meal I would always recommend a sweet canape to finish, you wouldn’t serve a three course meal without a dessert, so don’t forget it with the canapes too!sweetColour
I love creating colourful canapes that are a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth! Whatever canape you choose, make sure it is full of colour!
summer canape selection

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