I grew up in sunny Southport and I often reminisce about warm summer evenings watching the sun go down over the vast expanse of the beach with a belly full of food and an ice cream in hand. Last weeks crazy heatwave had my mind made up, I was going to the seaside for some seaside fun…. And what could be better than fish and chips at the seaside?
Sunny Southport

Growing up in Southport everyone knows The Swan Chip Shop. It is an institution, it is the oldest chip shop in Southport, having been established for over 70 years and run by the same family for over 35 years. The décor is so wonderfully kitch, there are amazing oil paintings of Southport’s tourist attractions hung on the walls and swan paraphernalia dotted about the place. It is always busy.


For £8.95 you can have a set meal of fish, chips, mushy peas, a slice of buttered bread and a cup of tea or cold drink. I always have dandelion and burdock. Gravy is 50p.

After waiting in a whirl of food excitement and anxiety the feast arrived. You usually have to wait about 15 minutes as they fry all the fish to order, the batter is always light and crunchy with perfectly cooked fish, a sign of a well cooked, fresh battered fish.

Feast of fish and chips

The food left Kenny speechless throughout. All I got from him were “mmmmmm” sounds. After the plates were cleaned (with an extra slice of bread to mop up the gravy) he announced it was the best fish and chips he has ever had. I think he was right.

This left us just enough time to have a quick game of bowling (to help burn off the belly fully of food!) watch the sun set, get an ice cream and cruise back down the Coast Road, heading back to the bustling land locked Manchester…

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