If you have never been to a festival. GO! Not only is there a plethora of wonderful things for you to listen to and look at, there is also (on the whole) amazing food for you to tickle your taste buds with.

Glastonbury is one truly magical and amazing place. The shear scale of it is like nothing I have seen before and the choice of food is unreal. You can eat your way around the world in one field.

I was excited. I love cooking,  I really do, but to get inspiration you need to taste test…and I did a lot of that!

Things I have been eating in a field somewhere near Glastonbury:

Jerk chicken with crunchy coleslaw in brioche bread
Square pies
Goan fish curry
Churros dipped in wonderfully thick hot chocolate
Piri piri chicken with sweet potato fries, rocket salad and coconut piri piri chicken
Spiced beef jerky
Banana Porrige
Breakfast wraps
Chicken, chorizo and halumi kabab
Lamb Kofta
Stonebaked pepperoni pizza
…now I know there was more but I can’t quiet remember them all!

We also ate some great energy food at base camp. I cooked up some mean chicken fajitas complete with home made guacamole, jelapenos and sour cream. I also made a vat of tuna pasta with kale, sweetcorn and fresh basil (this was eaten straight from the pan, with 7 forks fighting fort the best bits!) I was quiet proud of myself as we only had a camp stove to work with.

Get your wellies on and get outdoors..

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