A different Kind of wedding..Last Friday I catered for a wonderful wedding. The bride had seen my pies and they inspired her to get in touch with me and demand (in the nicest possible way) that she have them at her wedding.

Delicious pies at a different kind of wedding.

(If you have’t seen pictures of my pies, then take a look here and here)

I really enjoyed cooking for Christelle and her now husband Jay. Not wanting to follow conformity they had their wedding reception  at their favourite city centre hangout, The Star and Garter (it was the first wedding they have ever had there!)

The food that they chose was tasty and fun to cook. If I can help add to an already wonderful day, then that makes me happy!

As an added bonus to tickle their guests taste buds, the brides family from Lyon in France, brought enough cheese and charcuterie for the celebrations to feed a small army. I was instructed to provide the bread, which I got from the amazing Barbakan Bakery in Chorlton.

Cheese at a different kind of wedding.
Charcuterie at a different kind of wedding.

The reception was for 40 people and the menu was a veritable smorgasbord of delight!

It goes a little something like this:
What are you eating? at a different kind of wedding.

Beef tatiki topped with toasted black and white sesame seeds.
Roasted aubergine purée on olive ciabatta topped with fresh basil, pepper due peppers and pine nuts.
Roasted sweet potato, pomegranate and spinach salad, topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, served with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette
Chickpea, lime and coriander salad

Plus more cheese and charcuterie than you can shake a stick at

Aubergine canapes at a different kind of wedding. Beef tatiki at a different kind of wedding.

Christelle loved the food, you can read what she said about it in my testimonials.

The thing I enjoy about cooking for people is that you get a little glimpse into their worlds. Christelle has just graduated as a jewellery designer, creating amazing elaborate pieces in silver resin and organic elements. you can see her work here. 



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