Fish, chips and the smell of the sea

I grew up in sunny Southport and I often reminisce about warm summer evenings watching the sun go down over the vast expanse of the beach with a belly full of food and an ice cream in hand. Last weeks crazy heatwave had my mind made up, I was going to the seaside for some…

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Menus from Taste The Love

Eating my way around the world, all in one field

If you have never been to a festival. GO! Not only is there a plethora of wonderful things for you to listen to and look at, there is also (on the whole) amazing food for you to tickle your taste buds with. Glastonbury is one truly magical and amazing place. The shear scale of it…

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sunshine picnic

Food tastes better in the sunshine

Recently i was asked to create a picnic for 40 adults with a few children thrown in for good measure. I was excited. Remember I live in Manchester…Not know for being the sunniest of climates. Whilst brainstorming for the event it got me thinking about the “Great British Picnic”. You know what it’s like. That…

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taste testing pies

What’s new?

As I have stated in some of my earlier blogs, “blogging” is a whole new terrain for me and something that does not come natural, and, as such, I have been pretty silent on the blog front for a while. This is partly to do with trying to get my head around the Twittersphere (which…

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Baby steps

So, I am writing my first “blog” and I start with heavy fingers, the world of blogging is an uncharted one for me and scares me somewhat, so bear with me. I know that I am not the best writer, I’m not so good at “capturing the moment” and I would never call myself a…

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Canape board served by Taste the love

Where it all started

I love preparing, cooking and sharing food, I always have. My family joke that I could cook a three course meal  by the time I was nine! Food for me is a big part of my life, it should be healthy and tasty with great flavours to warm your soul. Growing up, meal times were…

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