August 24, 2017

Event Catering Canape Guide

Canapes are perfect for all types of parties and gatherings. They are easy to serve and are a real crowd pleaser. But what to think about when deciding on which canapes for your event? Event Catering Canape Guide Think bold flavours! With canapes, they may only be a mouthful, but you want the mouthful to…

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Colourful Corporate Catering - the benefits

June 5, 2017

Colourful Corporate Catering – the benefits

What springs to mind when you think of corporate catering? For me it is mass made, margarine filled, processed sandwiches, or a buffet of beige food followed by a sleepy afternoon meeting whilst all those carbohydrates you ate at 1pm are burnt up. Having a workforce that eats healthy, nutritious food will help to increase…

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August 17, 2016

Canapés, Perfect for Parties

Canapes are the perfect way to wow your guests when hosting a party. They should be bite size, beautiful and full of flavour. Whether you are having a formal drinks reception or something a little more relaxed, starting the party with canapes can give your party a real WOW factor. When organising a get together,…

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Questions to ask your Wedding Caterer

February 15, 2016

Questions to ask your Wedding Caterer

When planning the food element for your wedding you need to think about the questions to ask your wedding caterer. I am very aware that the caterer is just one of the things on the very long list of “things to do” for the big day, so I want to make sure that when my…

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Freezer Fill

October 12, 2015

How it works

How it works. The average household throws away £60 worth of food each month. With a Taste The Love consultation and Freezer Fill this can be reduced to £0. Simple Menu Planning can be utilised to help you manage how you eat more effectively. With a free Taste The Love consultation we chat about your eating…

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Roasted pumpkin and beetroot with kale pesto and cannallini bean mash

December 15, 2014

Dinner without the hassle

Dinner without the hassle… Eating the food we WANT to eat can be very different from eating the food we have TIME to cook. Modern day living can be a very busy affair, everyone seems to have more and more to do and never enough time to do it in. With a Freezer Fill you…

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Pumpkin stew

October 22, 2014

Using up your leftovers

Leftovers…Stops wasting them… Did you know that in the U.K we throw away over 7 million tonnes of food from our homes each year… yes, that’s right, 7 million tonnes… the equivalent of £12.5 billion pounds each year! Food waste makes me very sad. You just have to think of all the energy that has…

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March 31, 2014

Eat More Ginger

My dad used to say that if a dish was lacking a little “je ne sais quoi” you just needed to “add a little ginger”… it was a phrase that was often heard in our kitchen as a child. And you know what, he was right! It can be used in sweet or savoury dishes and…

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