In addition to our adhered to Safer Food Better Business Guide for staff (SFBB) we have taken extra measures to ensure we will deliver your food in a safe manner.

• We are following the government guidelines on workplace safety and are checking for updates regularly.
• We are observing the social distancing guideless at our business premises and we have a reduced number of staff in at any one time.
• We are following our existing guidelines in place in our SFBB making sure that all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected throughout the day.
• We are taking extra precautions with our food delivery system, making sure that we deliver wearing disposable gloves, that are changed after every delivery and a face mask.
• We will deliver food observing the 2-meter social distance guidelines.
• All our food will be individually portioned up and each client will get their own food bag to ensure the reduced risk of any cross contamination.


Food is individually portioned for all of our clients for safety

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