Taste the Love loves trees, who doesn’t?  We would love more trees for Greater Manchester please.

The world always needs more trees in our opinion, and that is why for each event or delivery that Taste the Love does we donate 50% of the delivery charge towards City of Trees.

Being in and around trees is good for our mental health. The Japanese even have a word for it. “Shinrin-yoku” Shinrin means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.” So shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest atmosphere or taking in the forest through our senses.  

Studies have found “Forest Bathing” can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve mood. Being in and around trees can also reduce the stress related hormones adrenaline and cortisone.  

Forest Bathing


Trees are an important part of our built environment. They make our streets, public spaces, backyards and playgrounds a more peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment to be, as well providing us with oxygen and food.

That is why at Taste the Love we think it is important to support a cause that plants more trees in and around Greater Manchester. More trees for Greater Manchester please!

What is City of Trees? 

City of Trees is an innovative and exciting movement transforming underused, unloved woodland. They want to plant 3 million trees – one for every person across the city region, within a generation. And with your help, they can. 

Their ambitious movement is securing a much greener, more resilient and pleasant environment that everyone can enjoy.  

Their goals 

  • 3 million trees planted, one for every person across Greater Manchester
  • 2,000 hectares of unmanaged woodland brought back into use for the community
  • Connect people to the trees and woods around them

What They Do  

At its heart City of Trees is a movement, bringing people, organisations and companies together to green Greater Manchester. They also deliver several projects on the ground throughout the region focused around; planting trees and managing woodlands; urban orchards; school projects, and GreenStreets (planting street trees; greening grey streets).

Forest Bathing


Want to know more?  

Go Visit City of Trees website to see how you can get involved in helping to plant trees and more in Greater Manchester. You can volunteer, fundraise or donate to help them in their mission to plant 3 million trees in a generation. 

City of Trees hold regular volunteer days where you can help out with tree planting, woodland management, orchard creation and more.

If you don’t fancy getting your boots muddy you can always use Taste the Love to cater for your next event or party. Then you can have the  feel good feeling that you are helping to plant trees in Greater Manchester through our donation programme. 

Further Reading

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Get in touch with Taste the Love here

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