Dinner without the hassle…

Eating the food we WANT to eat can be very different from eating the food we have TIME to cook. Modern day living can be a very busy affair, everyone seems to have more and more to do and never enough time to do it in.

With a Freezer Fill you can have weeks worth of Lunch and Dinner delivered straight to your door, chosen by you and created by me. ┬áIt’s easy.

This week I have created a menu for a couple of new parents. This means that they have a freezer full of food, ready for when ever they get the chance to eat! Sometimes there are more important things in this busy life than deciding on what to have for dinner.

Here is a little teaser.

pumpkin and kale 600

Roasted pumpkin and beetroot with kale pesto and cannallini bean mash

Orange and Ginger Pork 600

Dinner ready for delivery

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