Goodbye Christmas…

Well, the season of gluttony, eating cheese at any given moment and pouring cream into just about everything is over. Good bye Christmas. Hello January! The season where we all give it a go at being “better” versions of ourselves.

For many it is goodbye to booze, carbs, sugar, caffeine… you name that vice and we will try and beat it off with a big January stick.

We start new exercise regimes.

We feel guilty about not sticking to said exercise regimes.

My New Years Resolution was to try and eat only happy meat and have a “dry” January. Well I managed one of them so far!

When the wine is too good to say no to.. Goodbye Christmas

When the wine is too good to say no to.. Goodbye Christmas

Try not to be too hard on your selves, everything in moderation. If you have a sneaky cup of coffee or accidentally eat a left ofQuality Street don’t beat yourself up about it too much… take baby steps. Change takes time.

Make more winter salads.

Go for wind swept walks in the park.

Eat dahl

January is hard for many, but we can get through it with good food and good people.

An we all know Manchester has lots of those!

Good bye Christmas. You were wonderful to me


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