Starting the year becoming better versions of ourselves can be tough. Sometimes finding inspiration for eating something new, healthy and delicious can hard work, especially after a long day at work. Going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark doesn’t quiet give us the spark of vitality that we crave.

Eat more good stuff

Eat more good stuff
Cabbage and spinach being super healthy

When the sun only comes out for a few hours each day and life seems a little gloomy  I like to add as much brightness to my meals as possible and there is no better way to do this than with a winter coleslaw (minus the mayonnaise I am afraid!). They are great as you can make lots of it and it will keep in the fridge for a few days. This means you can add a good dose of delicious to all of your meals.

Ingredients that work great in a coleslaw are:

Red cabbage
White Cabbage
Red Onion
White Onion
Fennel – this is especially great with fish.
The list goes on…..

You can also add toasted nuts, seeds, dried fruit and different dressings to add something new and exciting

There are so many quick and easy coleslaw recipes on the web to help give you inspiration during the dark winter days. Check out Nigel Slater’s winter slaw for an easy and delicious winter pick me up

If you are starting a new diet regime, or just want a helping hand in the kitchen, get in touch for a free consultation and see how Taste The Love can help ease you into 2015.

There are only eleven more weeks until the clocks jump forward and we can start to call it spring. We can get through winter one delicious meal at a time.

Eat more good stuff

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