I love creating  Persian wedding feasts, growing up in the Middle East meant I had a massive Persian influence in my cooking, it is the food I love to cook the most and I think it is so fitting for celebrations. The colours, vibrance and flavours all shout exuberance and celebration. I also love the way that the food is served, in a sharing style, passing plates around laiden with tasty delights really is a wonderful sign of togetherness.

For S & C’s wedding I was a little nervous creating Persian Wedding Feast as the grooms side of the family were Persian, so cooking for Persian’s was a scary thought.

Persian Wedding Feast

I loved the menu they selected from my Persian Mezze Feast menu. On the menu was:

Dip Starters
Kashke Bademjan (Aubergine Dip)
Mast-o-Khiar (Cucumber and Yoghurt)
Mixed Kebab
Chicken Tagine
Vegetarian Gormeh Sabzi (Vegetable & Dried Lime Stew)
Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Pumpkin Seeds, Pomegranate & Pomegranate Molasses
Saffron Rice

The bride and groom were so happy with the food, it helped to create the day and celebration they wanted, C even said her granny loved it!

Persian Wedding Feast

For their desserts, the maid of honour created the most amazing dessert table for them, which I think is such a beautiful gesture. The table was filled with colourful dessert pots covered in edible glitter & gorgeous seasonal fruit. It complimented the mains perfectly as it was a delight for the eyes as well as the stomach.

There was also a sweetie corner for all of the children & a chocolate fountain – I think the kids were in sugar heaven.

Persian Wedding Feast

What S & C said about Taste the Love

Park House Barn

The venue itself is a 16th century barn that still has the beautiful original wood beams and rafters, it is possibly one of the largest medieval barns in the county. It is still a working farm which really adds to the charm when there are cows and sheep just outside the backdoor. S & C really made the place something special with their decorations & little touches. Park House Barn is a beautiful blank canvas that makes for a stunning venue to get married in.

Persian Wedding Feast

Congratulations to S & C. It was a pleasure to be part of your big day, what a beautiful couple! Enjoy Married Life.

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