Have you ever had to organise bespoke business lunches to impress clients or the boss?

I was contacted by an international biotech company who had their CEO visiting the Manchester site for the first time and they wanted to make a good impression. My contact was a little apprehensive as their CEO was vegan and they were unsure what food they could offer him. I told her not to worry as I host a monthly vegan pop up restaurant and love showing people that vegan food can be delicious and exciting. I couldn’t wait to create a menu for them.

The Brief:

  • Two days catering
  • Catering for breakfast and lunch
  • Different food options each day
  • Predominantly vegan food
  • Include a sandwich selection
  • No onions or garlic
  • A hot food option
  • A meat option


I had to create bespoke business breakfast and lunch menus for between 10 and 20 people each day, with a different menu over a two day period. Through a phone consultation with my contact and a few back and forth emails to clarify the menu, I managed to create a bespoke menu designed around their exact requirements.

The two day event went smoothly and the food I provided was perfect for their event. My contact got in touch with me after the event to say thank you, it is always lovely to know people enjoyed their food.

Bespoke Business Lunches

Bespoke Business Lunches

What to think about when creating bespoke business lunches.

  • Don’t be afraid – Offering plain sandwiches and flavours often seems like a safe bet, but mix it up, people are more often than not happy to try new things.
  • Remember intolerances – many people have dietary requirements, don’t forget their needs too. I try to include a gluten free option and a vegan option on all of my bespoke business lunches.
  • Salads – Adding different salads to sandwiches can give the tastebuds a new lease of life as well as entertaining the eyes. Try Grated Carrot, Rocket & Homemade Pesto on Granary for a whole lot of colour and flavour.
  • Consider crockery and cutlery! Would you be happy to offer food that needs a fork to eat? Some people shy away from this for ease of eating , but allowing it really does open up another world of nutritious, healthy foods.

business lunch selection

See my sample menus for interesting food inspirations for your next bespoke business lunch.

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