Persian Style Feasting is such a fantastic idea for a Wedding Breakfast. I am biased I know as this is the type of food that I love to cook. I am obsessed! I love the colours, flavours and relaxed way the food is shared amongst guests.

I think it is no better way to complement your wedding day than with a feast for the eyes and as well as the taste buds!

As with all my food, it comes from the heart. I am by no means a purist by any stretch of the imagination, so all of my food is a combination of what I love, smushed together from various cuisines from around the world.

Persian Wedding Food Ideas

Here are my favourite dishes to serve at a Persian Style Wedding Breakfast

  1. Dips – Who doesn’t love dips! And with such fantastic array to choose, some of my favourite are:
    Houmous. Classic! What did we eat before houmous?
    Baba Ganoush – This wonderful aubergine dip is smoky and creamy all at the same time
    Beetroot borani, topped with a little feta and walnuts. YUM – I also love Spinach Borani – a great creamy yoghurt and spinach dip.

    Beetroot Borani

    Beetroot Borani served with crudites

  1. Kookoo sabzi – I advise all of my clients to include this in their wedding breakfast. It is best described as an egg and herb pie and is bright green. It is an amazing flavour combination of dill, coriander, parsley and onion all whipped up with egg and baked.
  2. Tagine. I feel like a wedding breakfast is not complete without a tagine. My favourites are:
    Lamb and Date
    Chicken and Apricot
    Chickpea and Aubergine


    A traditional tagine pot

  3. Ghormeh Sabzi. This is an herb stew flavoured with dried lime. This can be served with or without meat.
  4. Kebabs. I love all kebabs, whether it is a traditional lamb kofta kebab, a delicious marinated chicken kebab or just straight up vegetables with a sprinkling of sumac. Delish!
  5. Salads. I know some people think that salads can be a waste of space, but I think that they can be a perfect balance to a rich tagine and add so much colour to the table.

Whatever you decide to eat on your wedding day make sure that it is a celebration of you both as a couple, because your wedding is about you.

A fabulous feasting celebration of you!

Get in touch to chat about how I can create a feast for your celebration.

Check out my Sample menus to see the different types of feasting I can create for you.



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