Whether you are having a 50’s rock and roll inspired wedding or a roaring 20’s wedding party, picnics can be a great wedding breakfast to suit any budget, theme and flavour palate.

Many of my clients have asked for picnic style wedding breakfast. I love creating bespoke picnics for them as it means they can choose the food they love and want to eat on their wedding day.

Why Picnics are a great idea for Wedding Breakfast:

  1. It is always exciting for guests to dive in and unwrap the food and gets people chatting .
  2. You can have a great selection of food to please all tastes.
  3. Accessorise…You can dress them up in whatever era your wedding is themed around, they are great with vintage teas.Picnic Wedding Breakfastor keep it simple with cute, eco friendly disposable crockery
    wedding picnic little cherry
  4. Relaxed… no silver service three course meals here.
    Picnic Wedding Breakfast
  5. Did you know you can hire picnic baskets for the event?
    Or upcycle old fruit crates!
    Picnic Wedding Breakfast
    6. PICNIC PIES I mean who doesn’t love pies
    Picnic Wedding Breakfast
    7. Ideal for catering for lots of people on a budget – You can even ask your guests to bring something along to share at the picnic and hope the sun shines on your big day!

Picnic Wedding Breakfast

Great food ideas for picnics

  1. Pies – who doesn’t love pies
  2. Cheese selections.
  3. Salads – and this doesn’t just mean tomato and iceberg. There are so many exciting flavours that will tantalise your guests taste buds.
  4. Meats, gone are the days of roast beef cooked for 10 hours straight.. Try my harissa spiced flat iron steak in your picnic basket selection. I love offering a great charcuterie selection to my clients.
  5. Sandwiches, for me triangle rules over square!
    See my Wedding Party Picnic  sample menu

Further Reading

I get all of my breads and charcuterie from Barbakan bakery

Vegware and Little Cherry are where I get my eco-friendly and disposable crockery and cutlery.

If you are looking to hire vintage crockery to complement your picnic style wedding breakfast, check out   Honey and Bear

Hire company for picnic baskets

Want to know how Taste the Love can create  a bespoke menu for your big day?

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