The sun is shining and summer is here. It is the time of sunshine get togethers and everyone is looking for different outside catering ideas for summer.  The sun never seems to last so long when you live in a city like Manchester, but here are a few ideas whilst the sunshine lasts.

Outside Catering Ideas

Picnic Pies

Everyone loves a picnic pie, they are a welcome addition to any picnic basket, they travel well and can be eaten with your fingers so you don’thave to take all the picnic trimmings with you (plates, knives, forks!) and leaves more space in the basket for food.
Outside Catering Ideas You can fill them with layers of colourful vegetables or keep it simple with a classic pork pie.

Outside Catering Ideas


Corn on the Cob

I love corn on the cob. fact. This is a great colourful addition to any outside catering job I do. I love offering it especially at parties with children, they can eat it whilst running around, it is sweet and if you coat it in butter it is the best!

Outside Catering Ideas

Sweet Potato and Bacon Bread Bites

This is a flavourful bread full to burst of tasty ingredients. The one below is made from grated sweet potato, red onion and bacon. You can switch up the ingredients to whichever you prefer and it is like a ready to go sandwich without the hassle of worrying whether the filling will fall out! This bread is extra fabulous for scooping up dips.

Outside Catering Ideas

I have featured this bread on my blog in the past and it has proven to be one of my most popular posts, see how to make it here.

Fabulous Sandwiches

Some people may think that sandwiches are a bore, but not here a Taste the Love. I love creating interesting flavour combinations and presenting them in an interesting way, especially when catering for the kids!

Outside Catering Ideas


Do you have an outside catering idea and want help to bring it to life? Get in touch for a bespoke menu designed around your party or event.

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