We all love parties and we all love cauliflowers but have you ever thought of having a cauliflower party???!

No? Well me either, until last weekend.

Having not seen my friend since last year, we decided to spend Saturday afternoon cooking, chatting and hanging out, but what to cook?  That is where the fun cauliflower mix comes in.

My friend somehow had three very large cauliflowers in her fridge, they were just there, staring at us, willing us to use our imagination and cook a feast with them.

So we had decided to have a cauliflower party!

On the menu

To start
Cauliflower and coconut soup  served with flat bread and a spread of harissa for those who wanted

Cauliflower and onion pakoras served with a parsley lemon dip and a spicy scotch bonnet dip
Roasted harissa cauliflower served with a lime, garlic and lemon yoghurt dressing topped with toasted almonds.

We served all of this with a fried halloumi, roasted pepper and baked kale salad
(because sometimes you have to have a little variety)

Now the bit that made the party was heading to the pub for a few hours in between starters and mains and picking up a few stragglers on the way back home telling them it was a “cauliflower party” I think they thought it might have been a euphemism, but lucky for them… it was just cauliflower three ways!

We love cauliflowers

Reasons to love cauliflowers:

Cauliflower has had a bad reputation for, what feels like a generation (and probably more). Most people think of it as an over cooked mushy mesh or a cheesy gluey school dinner meal. That is, until Ottelenghi came along and made us realise the wonders on the cauliflower. (You can read about my love of him here as that is a whole other obsession)  But just look at the recipes he has created with the humble cauliflower

Cauliflower Cake – yes cake! (although it is savory, it is still “cake”)
Roasted cauliflower and hazelnut salad
Chargrilled cauliflower with tomato dill and capers

You can find all of these recipes and more on their website

In this time of tightening our belts and trying to cut down on food costs and also food waste, the humble cauliflower is a great choice, you just have to know how to treat it, trust me before you know it you will be dreaming of cauliflowers or throwing a cauliflower party of your very own!

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