Many people think that having a personal chef is an expensive luxury. But here at Taste The Love I want to show that having a personal chef service is affordable and easy.

Prices for pre prepared bespoke meal start from £6.50 per meal,  that is cheaper than most take away prices. These are cooked up for you, portioned up and stored in your freezer, ready for whenever you need a night off cooking.

Affordable Personal Chef Service

What is a personal chef?

Personal chef is exactly what it says, it’s personal. No two people are the same which means that no two needs will be the same either.

Taste The Love it is all about making your life a little easier in whatever way you need, whether that is helping you create the perfect feast for a wedding, a menu for a special dinner party, switching to healthy alternatives to a take away or just helping feed the children after a long day at work. It is all about you.

We will chat about what you want from your personal chef service. We will discuss what food you like and don’t like, whether you have any special dietary requirements or wanting to start on a healthy diet regime and wanting a menu to compliment this.

Taste The Love is designed around you. All of the menus are bespoke so get in touch to see how Taste The Love can help make life a little easier.

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Services Provided by Personal Chef

There are many ways in which Taste The Love can help you:

Wedding Feast – Let Taste The Love create a bespoke menu designed around your likes and loves to  help make your big day unique and special.
Pre Prepared Bespoke Meals –  filling your freezer with delicious food designed for you.
Dinner Party Catering – Wanting to entertain without the hassle, let Taste The Love do all of the cooking.
 Special Occasion Catering – Whether you want canapes or formal sit down meal, let Taste The Love do the hard work for you.
Children’s Birthday Parties – Healthy children’s party food means you can enjoy time with the little ones whilst knowing that they are eating well and having fun!

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