We all want to start the New Year being healthier versions of ourselves after the indulgence of the festive period, but sometimes it can be hard finding the time to cook the food we want to eat or having the inspiration to help us stick to our goals.

Here at Taste The Love I like to make things a little easier for you all so I thought I would share my top 5 freezer fill ideas that are quick, easy, super healthy and can be made in advance using a slow cooker, too easy some might say!

Who doesn’t like stew when the nights are long and the days are short?

1.  Double Drunk Beef Stew

Adding a slosh of stout and a glug of red wine really adds depth of flavour to this classic dish.  A Taste The Love classic!

double drunk stew

Top Tip – I find that slow cooking food can mean that it sometimes lacks “depth” of flavour. I like to cook it in the slow cooker all day and then finish it on the hob, letting the sauce reduce, making it rich and flavourful.

2. Basque Chicken

This classic dish from the Basque region in Spain is jam packed full of flavour with olives, chorizo, sun dried tomatoes, lemon and loads of vegetables. A way to bring some sunshine to your winter plate.

Freezer Fill Food

Make extra so you can freeze portions

3. Braised Lamb shank with sweet potato

I like to season and seal  the meat in a frying pan before putting it into the slow cooker, this will add extra depth of flavour and chewiness to the shank.

Freezer Fill Food

Braised Lamb Shank

4. Moroccan style chickpea, pepper and preserved lemon stew

Jam packed with tonnes of protein and nutrients this dish is great for those of you trying to avoid carbs in the evening whilst still wanting to feel full.

Freezer Fill Food

Moroccan Stew. Filling your freezer with delicious food.

5. Italian sausage and bean stew

A combination of sausage, bortoli beans and cannellini beans all bubbled up with tomatoes, white wine, garlic, lemon and fresh parsley brings a light evening meal to life. Make sure you get reduced fat sausages to keep it low fat.

Freezer Fill Food

Low fat sausages make a great alternative

 How to finish your stew

I always like to finish my stews with  a gremolata, it brings such a great dimension of flavour to anything you add it to and really fancies up your plate.  There is no specific recipe, many chefs have their own twist, watch a video on how to make gremolata here

See more gremolata recipes

Picture Courtesy of BBC Food

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