Have you heard of TAGpassiton..? Well here at Taste The Love I have become the newest member.

TAGpassiton was born from an yearly event called “Shop Local Week”, where, each year a whole week is dedicated to shopping locally (this year is it 16-20th May Read more about it here)



TAGpassiton took all the best bits of Shop Local and created an amazing scheme that rewards it’s users by shopping locally in South Manchester, helping to support independent shops and businesses and being rewarded for loyalty.

Independent shops give the high street personality, make each place you visit individual and makes shopping a joy.  TAGpassiton helps to get people shopping locally, supporting their local businesses and creating a great community.

Could you imagine a high street where it was full of the same conglomerate businesses offering the same products with no personality? No? Well me either!

Newest member

Having a TAGpassiton key fob means you can get great savings with no hassle. #keepitlocal

Having a TAGpassiton card means you can get great discounts in many local stores, supporting the community and changing the way you shop for the better.

“TAG! is a community loyalty movement” – And now Taste The Love is part!

Taste The Love Offer

Buy your TAG card and get:
10% off all pre prepared bespoke meals
5% off all event catering

It’s so easy to start gaining rewards from TAG, the cards are only £5, you then simply attach your TAG card to your keys and you are away, it is as easy as that. Instant savings.

Get your TAG card here

Your card gives you unlimited access to exclusive deals all over South Manchester

You can get in touch with me here at Taste The Love to get your TAG card or visit their website

Check out TAGpassiton  website to see where you can use your TAG card. You will be surprised how many places are part of this great community.

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