The first rule of Sunday club is always do Sunday club!

My friends and I have a Sunday Club as often as we can, all taking it in turns to cook. The thing I love about Sunday Club is that how ever delicate you feel and however hard leaving the house feels when it is cold and dark outside, you always know that your friends and delicious food are waiting.

This week was my turn.

I was hung over.

Here’s how I got through it:

Chicken stew.  I made this by poaching a whole chicken with root vegetables and then picking off the meat.
Sweet potato mash
Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings

I steamed some greens and made a gremolata for a zingy finish.

=Cheats Sunday Dinner and no more hang over.

My wonderful friend Dan also brought over a home made lemon drizzle cake…with extra lemon syrup to pour on the top. Amazing.

Second rule of Sunday Club is always waddle home early….It is Sunday after all!


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