Bringing a vegetarian vegan restaurant to Manchester the last Thursday of every month.

An increasing amount of people these days are wanting to eat less meat. Some like me, are not proclaiming to be vegetarian or vegan, It’s just that people are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of high meat consumption as well as animal welfare.

Vegetarian and Vegan Pop Up

Tasty & colourful feel good food

With this in mind Taste The Love is hosting a monthly vegetarian and vegan pop up restaurant at The Wonder Inn the last Thursday of every month. I want to show people that you can eat a full plate of food, get smacked round the chops with fantastic flavours and not even realise your plate is without meat.vegetarian vegan restaurant

The last pop up restaurant I did there was a brilliant success. We had live African music, sharing plates of fantastically flavoured food, all were vegetarian and vegan. People were eating, dancing and having a blast.

vegetarian vegan restaurant

The Wonder Inn

If you have not been to The Wonder Inn, where have you been? It brands its self as a wellness centre and I want to be part of that ethos. Food has so much to do with your health, what you put inside your body helps to determine how you feel. By creating fantastic, seasonal feel good food menu alongside uplifting live music you can feel great inside and out.

The Wonder Inn is a fantastic hub of creative activity. It is brimming with workshops, events, art exhibitions, even a Cailedh!  It is a wonderful place for folks to meet, mingle and create.

Come along the last Thursday of the month and see what all the fuss is about.

vegetarian vegan restaurant

Pictures courtesy of Another example of The Wonder Inn’s great colabarative power. I gave him food, he gave me photographs. I didn’t even have to ask. Thank you Tobias!

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Meatless Monday’s – we can all do our small bit

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