Taste The Love is me, Sarah Holder, a one woman rocket of love, life and energy on a mission to bring fabulous, flavourful food into your life.

Everyone is unique and that is why I am passionate about delivering a bespoke service designed for you. 

Whether is is creating an intimate dinner party for a special few, helping take the stress out of a big celebration, creating a colourful corporate spread or simply filling your freezer with pre prepared bespoke meals to make the day to day easier. See what Taste the Love has to offer. 


Call me on 07845551995
Email sarah@tastethelove.co.uk

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A little bit about me

I love cooking food and making people happy. I grew up around food, music, dancing..and more food. I believe that food is one of the simplest ways to enrich people's lives everyday and eating should be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.  Life can be a hard road to travel and for me food makes things a little more enjoyable along the way.

Living in Manchester and travelling around the world has influenced my food flavours, I love getting people out of their comfort zone and trying new things.

The idea for Taste the Love came about when I was living in Australia. I started working for busy health conscious professionals and families who were looking for a helping hand to eat well and not compromise on tasty, home cooked food in their homes.

I knew I wanted to start cooking for people here, I loved the idea of a personal chef service in normal people's lives.

What would I call it? ... The answer came from listening to The Food Programme on a wet and cold Manchester evening. It was playing sound bites of people describing what comfort food means to them, when a school child gave me the answer. He said you could "Taste The Love" and in a nut shell he was right!

Listen here, three minutes in, you will get what he means.