Pre Prepared Bespoke Meals

Everyone wants to eat healthy, home cooked food, but sometimes life can get in the way.

Did you know that the average household throws away £60 worth of food each month?

With  Taste The Love this can be reduced to £0.

Bespoke Meals

Let Taste The Love fill your freezer with bespoke meals chosen by you, cooked how you like, ready for you to eat when ever you need that extra time.

With a batch of tailored meals created by Taste The Love your freezer is filled with delicious home cooked food, made to your specifications, individually portioned up and stored in your fridge or freezer ready for whenever you want it. This can be a weekly, monthly or an occasional service. Food can be prepared in your home or off site.

Bespoke Pre Prepared Meals

Pre Prepared Bespoke Meals


Do you or somebody you know have special dietary requirements and find it hard to manage? Taste The Love can work with you to design menus that incorporate all your requirements, helping you to eat well and look after yourself or your loved one.


If you are wanting to start a new diet regime or you have a current diet regime and want great food without compromising on health or taste, let Taste The Love help. By providing food that is high in taste  and low in saturated fats and sugars, you will be satisfied and likely to stick to your aims, leading to a healthier you.

See Taste The Love’s Sample Menus