Pricing for Personal Chef Services

People often think that having a personal chef can be an expensive luxury but here at Taste The Love we want to show that pricing for personal chef services can be affordable and in some cases may even save you money

Taste The Love is a bespoke service therefore pricing varies depending on what level of service you require.

A quick guide to pricing for personal chef services is below.

Pre Prepared Bespoke Meals

Let Taste The Love do all of the shopping, cooking and cleaning and fill your freezer full of delicious food created just for you, from as little as £7.50 for a main meal. No food waste, just more time to enjoy life!

See menu here

Pricing for personal chef services

Home made soup from £3

Dinner Parties

Bespoke dinner parties designed for you from as little as £40 per head, including food, waiting staff and clean up.

prices for personal chef dinner party catering

Special Occasion Catering

Birthday party food starting from as little as £3.95 per head, why would you not see what Taste The Love can do for you!

pricing for special occasion catering

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