Julia’s Engagement Party & Pre Prepared Bespoke Meals

Sarah catered for mine and my partner’s engagement party (we invited close friends and family for a sit down Middle Eastern feast). The food was absolutely gorgeous and our friends and family still talk about it today (it took place 2yrs ago).

On the back of this, my partner and I now regularly fill our freezer with TTL freezer fills. We both work long hours and travel away for work, and it’s great knowing there’s tasty, healthy stuff with the minimum amount of effort required. We’re both pretty health-conscious and don’t eat meat, and Sarah always creates 4 beautiful and inventive dishes (we get 4 portions of each – 16 per order) for us to work our way through. Although not the top of everyone’s priorities, all Sarah’s packaging is biodegradable so you’re being kind to the environment too. If you’re someone who cares about food but is sometimes too tired or busy to do it justice, I would highly recommend TTL. Sarah is incredible at listening to what you want and your budget constraints.